The most unexpected experiences - and scenes - reveal life more fully so we may move through it more freely.

Headshot of personal development blogger Liz Pardi who seeks to make it easy to learn how to do life betterMy mission is to learn how to do life better.

But really, isn’t that the case for everyone?

The thing is, when it comes to crucial areas like love, parenthood, and the pursuit of happiness, understanding how to do them better isn’t always easy.

You know what, though? I think it should be.

I do not think it should be a struggle to understand how to be a better human being. A better spouse. A better parent. A better YOU. Those vital lessons should be easy to comprehend, even if they’re not always easy to implement.

We’re meant to walk through life with a certain ease that comes from understanding it more fully. Every single experience can take us a little closer to that understanding, if we’re open to it.

I’m here to show you what I’m learning so that together, we can be a little more free and a little less flustered and unsure in this journey.

Since scenes from TV and movies speak so powerfully about the human experience, I use them here as metaphors to communicate the principles I’m trying to convey. The brilliant Laurie Beth Jones writes about the usefulness of metaphors and how they ease the learning process and that’s essentially my entire goal.

I’m so glad and so grateful you’re here. Together, let’s (easily) learn how to do life better.

Love always,